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This is an excellent time to embrace the opportunity for a private consultation with Viktoras himself!!! The consultations will consist of a response to a list of questions the client might have in any arena whether it is vocation, relationships, finances or wellness challenges. I use the sciences of Palmistry, acupressure, numerology, tongue evaluation, physiognomy, and a questionnaire to assist you in the discovery of ways to optimize your life changes in order to experience more health, happiness and holiness. I use, in much of my decision making as related to supplements and other key issues, the science of kinesiology and muscle testing. Relax and heal as you receive some Sacred Sole Reflexology from me during your session. I am a minimalist creating maximum results with minimal cost in cash and time and always work with what is do-able for the client. It gives very definitive yes or no answers. The meeting is captured on a recording for your home use. I am not a doctor . . . I do not prescribe, treat or diagnose. I am here primarily as a Dharmic coach to connect you to your true passion and maximize your experience on planet Earth. May kindness and love joy prevail in our unfoldment. Donation: $200.00 for 45-60 minutes for consultations. Call Viktoras at 561-252-0112.

Viktoras continues to lecture, teach and give consultations worldwide as well as offer retreats with Danielle in Montezuma, Costa Rica where resides most of the year . For more info ... check out:
www.viktorasretreats.com | www.viktoras.org | www.survivalinthe21stcentury.com






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