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My love of shell fossils began as a youth, when I first came across casts of seas urchins along the southern coast of England. Since then, I have become obsessed with finding near perfect examples of as many species as I can from various sites across inland Florida, where I currently reside. Along the way I also began to find echinoids (sand dollars, etc.), shark's teeth, ice age mammal bones, corals, and more. Today I have amassed over three thousand specimens for sale! This online catalog, which I began in November of 2005, offers to you my findings, large and small, with my heartfelt wishes that we may become fossiling buddies, sharing our specimens, knowledge, and enthusiasm. Thanks for visiting, your friend in fossils, Andy Firk.

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Rose Coral (Unusual species of the Mercenaria genus); Charlotte Co. Shell Pit, Florida; This specimen is the finest rose coral that I have ever found! I'll be sad to see it go; Estimated to be around 1 million years old; Collected 2004; 15 cm. long.
USD 300.00 (No. 1969)

Murex Shell (Murex sp.); DeSoto County Shell Pit, Florida; One of the best murex shells that we have ever offered; Approx. 500,000 years old; Collected By our friend Will, 6-04; 13.5 cm. long.
USD 50.00 (No. 1965)

Olive Shell (Oliva sp.); Palm Beach Co. Shell Pit, Florida; The biggest and the best of our well-preserved fossil olives; Exceptional shine and color; I collected this one in 2004; 8 cm. long.
USD 80.00 (No. 1966)


Moon Shell; Palm Beach Co. Shell Pit, Florida; I recently unearthed this gorgeous baby 11-20-05; Very well-preserved; 8 cm. long.
USD 40.00 (No. 1967)


- CONTACT: Call me, Andy Firk, at 863-263-2331 or e-mail me at to place an order or to ask any questions. Please feel free to chat with me anytime, as I really believe that fossil collecting should be fun and relaxing.
- AFFORDABLE PRICES: Sure, we have some expensive specimens for sale here, but we also have many that range from $1 to $10 each, making the hobby accessible to people on all income levels.
- TRADES: We trade fossils!!! E-mail me for more info at or call me at 863-263-2331.
- PHOTOS OF EACH SPECIMEN!!!: Unlike most other shell fossil websites, we digitally photograph each and every specimen for sale, whereas most other websites that sell shell fossils show only one photo of one of many for sale, and when it arrives at yout door... surprise!
- NEW SPECIMENS: I go on collecting trips every month, at the very least, so that I am always able to offer hundreds of specimens for sale at any given time, direct from me, cutting out "the middle man". Our website is updated with photos of new specimens for sale every month, so please browse regularly to see what's new.
- LARGE INVENTORY: I personally collect over 80% of the inventory on this site, and have a current sellable stock of around three thousand specimens.
- AGE OF FOSSILS: These fossil shells range in age from approximately 250,000 to 3 million years old (the majority, though, are from half a million to one million years old).
- SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If, after you receive your fossils, you don't like them for any reason, send them back (you pay the shipping though) within 30 days, for a refund.
- VISITORS WELCOME: To see our specimens first hand in our home is, of course, the best way to purchase them. We are currently located in Arcadia, Florida (one hour east of Sarasota) and host visitors by appointment only.
- SHIPPING & HANDLING: E-mail me before you place your order to find out if the specimen/s are still in stock and how much shipping will be for your particular area. Or you can call me.

Worldwide shipping - Call us today at 863-263-2331 (call anytime) - MC/Visa accepted.