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Welcome to our Internet Showroom,

During your early years, while playing on a sandy beach, you looked down to see some shiny pebbles, a tiny shell and a piece of driftwood. Do you remember that wonderful feeling of discovery?

Well I sure do, and I've expanded that joy of stumbling across natural objects into a full-time obsession for collecting. These days you might find me up in a ficus tree, cutting jasmine vines or canoeing along ocean islands in search of sun-bleached driftwood.

In this over industrialized world, so many people crave a connection with nature. I can't count the number of times customers have said, "isn't nature amazing," while looking at one of our items.

So go ahead and be bold, decorate or design with something unusual, the results will be stunning. Whether you are looking for a bunch of wild grasses to mix with fresh flowers, or a 10' piece of bamboo to hang dresses on, or perhaps you want a large shell to fill with guacamole on a buffet table, or dried bamboo leaves to wrap candles with, whatever the item from nature, we can help you find it.

We carry over 300 raw items, from over 40 countries, to suite your specific needs, all laid out in this easy-to-use internet format. Our extensive client list includes hundreds of the top hotels, floral & interior designers, photographers, etc.

Our truck delivers from our farm in Arcadia to Tampa, West Palm Beach, Naples, Miami, Key Largo, and many other South/Central Florida locations. Requesting a no obligation visit by our driver, to browse through our truck, is a good way to acquaint yourself with our unique, one-of-a-kind items. Orders outside our delivery area are shipped via FedEx or U.P.S.

Please feel free to call me with any questions that you might have.

Your friend,

Andy Firk
(Arcadia, Florida)


For more information or questions, please contact Andy Firk at:
863-263-2331 (farm)
M-F 7am-5pm (EST)


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