The Tree of Life Bookstore of Harlem moves to Atlanta


The world famous Tree of Life Bookstore of Harlem, New York, an internationally known bookstore and educational center, has recently located to Atlanta.

Previously located in Harlem on the historic corner of 125th St. & Lenox Avenue, The Tree of Life was one of the largest bookstores n America owned by an African American.

Founded in 1969, by former stockbroker/educator Norman L McGhee Jr., now known as Kanya Vashon McGhee, with $75 initial capital, The Tree of Life, in its first ten years was attracting more than 15,000 patrons a month from all over the world.

The Tree of Life began as an experiment to resolve the inner city crises of school dropouts, drug abuse, crime and prison rehabilatation.

The Tree of Life building was unfortunately torn down in 1980 to make way for a hotel convention center that was never built and on that corner today is a parking lot!

The concept of The Tree of Life is every much as valid today as it was 25 years ago.

It's particularly valid now because quite a few persons were school drop-outs who learned to read in the "Aquarian Science Reading Room" and quite a few drug abusers decided to get "high" off books instead of shooting up dope.

Likewise the same efforts were extended to those in prison with similar results. It seems that the same problems are present here in Atlanta as well as in most o the inner cities of America.

Working with Kanya in relocating The Tree of Life to Atlanta is a consortium of business men from New York, Atlanta and Miami.

Once the Tree of Life has taken root here, the plan is to franchise it nationally to the 43 other cities that have indicated an interest.

Cities such as: Miami, Washington, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Baltimore, St. Louis, Houston, Oakland, Dallas, San Francisco, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Richmond, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, etc.

Kanya also hosted a 17 year Manhattan Cable TV Show, The Tree of Life, and has been conducting "New Age" seminars in community centers, colleges, and prisons all over the United States (including Hawaii), Canada, the West Indies and Europe. His main emphasis is on the practical results of spiritual knowledge.

Some of the media which have carried feature stories about the Tree of Life are: The New York Times, Daily News, The New York Post, New Yorker, Essence, Ebony, Jet, Le Monde (Paris), Sekai Nippo (Japan), Houston (Texas) Chronicle, A/P and UPI, and all the major TV networks and various local radio stations.

Kanya can be reached at 1701 M.L. King Drive, Atlanta, GA 30314-2227. 404-753-5700.


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