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Using the miracle of modern computer technology, I am pleased to share with you the enclosed website:


Truth Be Known


When you print out the links of this incredible collection of over 150 essays, you will have in effect more information than I was able to gather from 13 years of college. Information relative to virtually all subjects that will free the Mind, Body and Spirit and lead the way to a truly enlightened Planet.


This website includes for the first time information about the true "Origin of Christianity" that has been carefully hidden for more than 1,600 years. And "Ye shall Know The Truth, (and though that truth may initially upset you), It will Set ye Free!"


Also included are essays relating to:


  1. Other Religions
  2. Politics and Society
  3. The Environment
  4. The author
  5. Recommended reading list
  6. Women's Rights
  7. Animal Rights
  8. Health
  9. The War on Drugs
  10. Money Scams
  11. Mythology
  12. UFO's and Aliens
  13. Sex, Love & Tantra, and much More....


Check it out and pass it on. The Age of Aquarius is NOW!

More of my Favorite Links

Mystical World Wide Web


Brother Kanya


For information, write:

The Tree of Life Bookstore of Harlem

1701 M.L. King Drive SW

Atlanta, GA 30314-2227


For additional information, please call/fax:


or e-mail me at: drkanya9@hotmail.com


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