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A FutureNet Opportunity & Training Session

weekly in Atlanta & Marietta

(call for info. on meetings in other states)


Robert W. Depew, President & CEO FutureNet Online, Inc.

Robert Depew, President and CEO, FutureNet Online, Inc., is one of the pioneers of the multi-level concept. Former executive of several of the most successful companies in the networking industry and mentor to many of today's most dynamic MLM entrepreneurs, he will share with us FutureNet's revolutionary training techniques and opportunities available to those ready for a new way for earning substantial incomes.

Mr. Depew will demonstrate the revolutionary WebTV and share with us FutureNet's exciting new plans for the immediate future. There will also be a question and answer period at the end of both sessions.

Further Info Calls: (770) 942-6925; (404) 753-5700




To Whom It May Concern:


After carefully analyzing the various business opportunities in which I have participated, I hereby declare that FutureNet, Inc. is absolutely the best investment I have ever made for the following reasons:


1) Return on investment - I invested $694.00 on April 12, 1997 and received my first check (enclosed) for $500.00 on April 24th which was commissions for enlisting 2 new distributors ($200 each) and selling 1 WebTV ($100). Commission checks are paid Weekly! and Override bonuses monthly. Which means that I will recover my entire investment even before theVisa charge comes due AND I have my personal WebTV worth $299.00 which came with the initial investment!


2) Product Superiority - In my opinion the WebTV is the most important technical innovation of the 20th Century! Not only does it provide easy access to a whole new world of valuable information, but it provides this information to the millions of Americans who, for the most part, have been left out of the Computer Age. For every 3 sold, a FREE WebTV is sent to the school of your choice!


3) A Real Opportunity For The Average Person is offered by FutureNet Inc. to create his or her own unlimited independent income based only upon your ability to perceive it. For the first time, YOU are in on the ground floor! SEIZE THE TIME!


4) Affiliation with TWO Fortune 500 companies! Philips Magnavox is licensed to manufacture and distribute the WebTV, and Bill Gates, CEO of MicroSoft, Inc. was so impressed by WebTV Inc. that he bought the entire company in April for $425 Million! The best insurance for stability that anyone could hope for!


I am therefore including herewith the applications for you to share with me in this once in a lifetime opportunity to truly HITCH YOUR WAGON TO A STAR!


Peace & Prosperity,

Brother Kanya





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Every Tuesday at 7pm

977 Forest Parkway, Forest Park

(Accountant Office Bldg * I-75 South to Exit 78)


* * *


Every Wednesday & Saturday at 7pm

(7 pm to 7:30 pm - Order & Eat * Meeting starts @ 7:30)

Shoney's Restaurant

155 Cobb Pkwy (Highway 41) Marietta

South of the BIG CHICKEN

Phone: (770) 422-5333


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Every Thursday at 7pm

Shoney's Restaurant

3930 Fulton Industrial Blvd @ M.L. King Drive

(I-20 to Exit 14, Half Mile North)


Bring Your Friends For An Exciting Evening!


Contact: Kanya Vashon McGhee, Esq. ID # 14867


"21st Century Global Technology"

For additional information, please call/fax: 404-753-5700(EST)

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