"The Vibes of Food"



(or The Proper Diet for Spiritual Consciousness)


The order of nutritional power begins, of course, with The SUN, the source of all power in our solar system. Once able to photosynthesize the Light from the Sun, the appendix is now dormant, atrophied or inactive in 99% of Humanity.

Next in order of power is the condensation of the Sun's sperm (Prana) on the flowers in the form of pollen. (derived from the Greek, Apollo, the Sun).

Research done by Dr. Gabriel Cousens* indicates that there are 4 categories of cell-renewing and life-generating foods: 1) Bio-Genic or Life Generating, 2) Bio-Active or Life Sustaining, 3) Bio-Static or Life Slowing and 4) Bio-Acidic or Life Destroying foods.

Group I: includes All Sprouts, or foods reaching for the Sun. These are the most Life-generating and Cell-renewing, high energy foods. They are alkaline producing, high in enzymes, and contain pre-digested complete proteins, vitamins, RNA, DNA and B-12. Sprouting increases enzymes, vitamins and minerals from 200 to 1300%. Includes Mother's milk. HIGHEST VIBES!

Group II: includes Raw, Unprocessed Fruits and Vegetables, or foods freshly picked from their bath in the Sun. Foods that are capable of sustaining and slightly enhancing an already healthy life force. GOOD VIBES.

Group III: includes cooked foods and "Stale Sun" foods that have been warehoused. They are Life-slowing foods that slowly increase the process of aging. They diminish the quality of body functioning. LOW VIBES.

Group IV: includes all processed, canned, frozen, dead and irradiated foods. "Dead Sun" foods. These are the Life-destroying foods that rapidly break down life functions. NO VIBES!

Which diet are YOU on???

* See Dr. Cousen's Book: "Conscious Eating", Page 358, Published 1992.


Kanya Vashon McGhee


Volunteer staff members began the laborious project of beautification of this sturdy but neglected building. Those early years were also times of cold winters, a barrel of charcoal burning in the center of the store providing the only source of heat. (For 12,000 square feet of space!)

And yet the people continued to come in increasing numbers. Aware of the economic realities facing Harlem, Kanya opened The Aquarian Science Reading Room, Here anyone could come and read and study undisturbed 7 days a week. School children have expressed the fact that their home environments were too chaotic to allow them to do their homework, so that for them The Aquarian Science Reading Room became an oasis of peace and quiet in which they could pursue their school studies. Yet, it was by far the books that filled the tables and shelves of the Tree of Life thatwere the main attractions of the Free Reading Room.


What Is the Ancient Wisdom?


What is it that "these books" say? What is the knowledge "that we know, but do not know what we know"?

These books remind us of a heritage that stretches far back in the mists of Time, aeons before human life existed on this planet. It is the heritage that was taught in the Schools of Initiation of the ancient civilizations of Lemuria (MU), Atlantis, Egypt and Africa, India, China, South America, the Near East, the indige


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