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In my protracted efforts to understand the workings of the Universe and to find my place in it, I came upon The Kybalion containing the writings of Hermes Trismegistus with whom you are possibly familiar as the father of Alchemy, Astrology, Medicine, etc..

From this book I learned of the 7 (immutable) Principles or Universal laws to which all else is subsumed. One of these, The Law of Correspondence, is the basis of the proper understanding of Astrology, to wit: "As Above, So Below" or the Heavens as a reflection of activities on The Earth and vice versa.

If I were to try to summarize all that I have learned during all or part of the past 8 decades that I have spent on this Planet we call the Earth, it would be that I have begun to truly understand the ONENESS of the Life Force and yet recognize the DIVERSITY of this Energy - "E Pluribus Unum."

Based on the Hermetic Principle above, I now understand that EVERYTHING is ALIVE and vibrating at different rates. You might say that "GOD" is that Energy that vibrates the fastest. Indeed, the "Law of Correspondence" postulates that "God" is reflected in everything, which in turn vibrates at different rates.

On Earth, I now see that the four "races" of Humanity, although they combine as ONE, are each very different rates of vibration with different assets and different liabilities; each designed to perform different functions.


In fact I see that the 4 Races of Humanity correspond to the 4 seasons!

Spring or Aries corresponding to the so-called "white" race;

Summer or Cancer corresponding to the so-called "black" race;

Fall or Libra corresponding to the so-called "yellow" race; and

Winter or Capricorn corresponding to the so-called "semitic" race.


Analyzing the elements of each of these signs, rather accurately describes the nature and function of each of the corresponding races:

Aries, fiery, pioneering, and rational, ruled by Mars;

Cancer, watery, emotional and psychic, ruled by the Moon;

Libra, airy, artistic, ready for Peace or War, ruled by Venus;

Capricorn, earthy, practical, and highly organized, ruled by Saturn.


In turn, each of these cardinal signs when sub-divided yield the 12 Zodiacal signs which roughly correspond to the various geographical or language groups:

Aries, the Aryan, (or Martian), Germanic, Vikings;

Taurus, the colonizing, steadfast "meat & potatoes" (Venusian) British;

Gemini, the Super salesman, always-on-the-go (Mercurial)

North American, selling, advertising, ever calculating;

Cancer, the Tribal, mothering, (Lunar) musical African;

Leo, the expressive, (Sunny) operatic, out going Italian;

Virgo, the Virgin Mary (Notre Dame), (Mercurial) gourmet cooks of France; lovers of bread and wine;

Libra, the Artistic "Yin/Yang" (Venusian) people of China;

Scorpio, the Native American, (Plutonic) fearlessly daring to outstare Death, knowing that there is no Death - only a change of worlds.

Sagittarius, the Psychic, (Jovial) fast talking, dancing, musical Hispanic;

Capricorn, the hard working, practical (Saturnine) "taking care of business" Jewish doctor/lawyer/entrepreneur;

Aquarius, the (Uranian) People of Russia with its 11 time zones and heavily multi-racial population; and last but not least,

Pisces, the Spiritual, musical, religious, (Neptunian) "Saint or Sinner" African-American, symbolized by the two fish, one headed "upstream" to Heaven, the other headed "downstream" to Hell.


These are by no means mutually exclusive designations and can be applied as well to the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. A deep analysis of the Piscean African-American is what led me in 1969 to found "The Tree of Life Bookstore & Educational Center of Harlem" which overwhelmingly demonstrated the path of transformation from school dropout to scholar; from junkie to health guru and from "sinner" to "Saint".

In many American cities the Board of Education is dominated by the thinking and planning of the "Winter" consciousness. Which is like trying to teach "humming birds" how to ice skate! Too many of the "humming birds" drop out into prison and early graves!

Using this insight, we have demonstrated the multi-billion dollar bonanza for all society once these principles are recognized. We truly need to franchise The Tree of Life nationally and in the process create tens of thousands of entrepreneurs each having discovered their Divinely ordained purpose for this present life.

I now issue a call for all who can understand what I have rather imperfectly outlined above, to join together with me and create a virtual Garden of Eden on the Planet Earth combining the best qualities of each of us. A truly symbiotic relationship! This I predict will be the lasting legacy of the still dawning "New Age of Aquarius".


In future writings we will spell out the specific ways this insight will bring the Piscean African American to the spiritual exaltation which we are destined to achieve. In the process transforming the Harlems of America into The Spiritual Capitols of the Western World working together with our brothers and sisters of the other "Seasons" to create a virtual Garden of Eden on Planet Earth!


No more drugs (of any kind), or crime or violence or junk food. Only a rapid opening of our now mostly dormant brain cells. This is the true Destiny of the rapidly dawning AGE OF AQUARIUS.


Peace & Love Towards Aquarius!

Brother Kanya

Founder & Director



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