The Secret of Regeneration


"The SECRET of REGENERATION" by Hilton Hotema

Information that will change YOU & The World!


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1. Truth 47. A Fatal Admission 110-111 Schooling of Jesus 158-159 Sexual Consciousness

2. Man's Original State 48.The Essenes 112.Jesus Made a Master 160.Asexuality

3. The Dark Ages 49.Christian Strife 113.Jesus Attains Christhood 161.Auto-Sexuality

4. Age of Ignorance 50.Pious Fraud 114.The Ceremony 162.Hetero-Sexuality

5. Age of The Earth 51.Lying and Forgery 115.Empty Stone Coffer 163-165. Homo-Sexuality

6. Age of Man 52.Plan of Salvation 116.Jesus the Christ 166.Sex in Religion

7. Sunken Continents 53.Argument against Christ 117.Priest of Ra 167.Sexual Prostitution

8. The Antediluvian World 54.Testimony of Paul 118.Jesus died not on the 168.Degradation of Wo-man

9. Man's Original Home 55.Crucifixion (gospel Cross 169.Morality and The Church

10. Ancient Cultures version) 119.Unknown Life of Jesus 170.Woman under Church

11. Antiquity of Man 56.Crucifixion (legal view) 120.How the Church Triumphed Rule

12. People of Atlantis 57-60.Is Jesus a Myth? 121-122. Lost Knowledge 171-2.Witches and Witchcraft

13. Despots and Tyrants 61.Deceiving the Masses 123.Influence of the Church 173.Murder of Hypatia

14. Ancient Men 62-63.Historical Jesus 124.The Two Cosmogonies 174.Home Under Church Rule

15. Hammurabi's Kingdom 64-67.Mythical Christ 125.The Two Creators 175.Woman Under English Law

16. Ninevah and Assyria 68.The Cross 126.Ten Mysteries in Genesis 176.Ancient Female Rule

17. The Chaldeans 69.Sixteen Crucified Saviors 127.Misleading the Masses 177.The Amazons

18. Land of Shinar 70-75.The Resurrection 128.The 10 Mysteries Explained 178.Marriage

19. The Hebrews 76.Resurrection 129.Sexual 179-184. Menstruation a

20. Israelites in Egypt Doctrine Symbols Disease

21. Exodus From Egypt 77. First Fruits of the 130.The Garden of Eden 185.The Clean Woman

22. Driven Out of Egypt Resurrection 131.Tree of Knowledge 186.Woman the Superior

23. Glory of Israel 78.The Ascension 132.The Serpent 187.Ancient Goddesses

24. Fall of Israel 79.Tammuz-Adonis 133.Transgression and Curse 188.Is Coition Natural?

25. Fall of Jerusalem 80.The Twelve Disciples 134.Male and Female 189.The Bride's Fate

26. Babylonian Captivity 81.The Mystery Drama 135.Sons of God 190.Coition and Convulsions

27. City of Babylonia 82.Mysterious Clues 136.Law of Nature 191-2.The Sin Unto Death

28. Scriptures of the Jews 83.Letter and the Spirit 137.Theory of Evolution 193.Purpose of Life

29. God's Chosen People 84.Allegory of Abram 138.Evolution vs Devolution 194.Generation & Longevity

30. Enlightenment of the Jews 85-86.Land of Mu 139.Evidence of Devolution 195.Sexual Psychopathy

31. The First Forgery 87-89.Osiris 140.Law of Cause and Effect 196.Law of Genesis

32. Priest and Scribe 90-91.The Sun 141.Law of Correspondence 197.Divine Creation

33. The Second Forgery 92-95.Sun Worship 142.The Perfect Man 198.The Secret Doctrine

34. The Pentateuch 96.The East 143.Degeneration of Gods 201.Two Laws of Generation

35. The Third Forgery 97.Ancient Knowledge 144.Sex and Seed 203.The Virgin Mother

36. The Story of the Exodus 98.The Egyptians 145.The Connecting Link 204.The Virgin Embryo

37. Biblical Contradictions 99.Settlement of India 146.Similtude of the Sexes 205.Mystery of Impregnation

38. Civilizing the Jews 100.Settlement of Babylonia147.Rudimentary Organs 206.Copulation & Conception

39. Foundation is Finished 101.Ancient Temples 148.Law of Variation 207.Bisexual Qualities

40. The Fourth Forgery 102.Sign of the Triangle 149.Appearance of Wo-man 209.Generative Center

43. Discordant Gospels 103.Ancient Mysteries 150.Edenic Fall of Man 212.Chemical Impregnation

44. Many Gospels 104.Lesser and Greater 151.Law of Modification 213.Solar Impregnation

45. Work of the Priesthood 105.Places of Initiation 152-53.The Hermaphrodite 219.Law of Creation

46. Need For Gospels 106.The Degrees 154.Atavistical Reversion 229.Intersexuality

41. The Synoptic Gospels 107.Ceremony of Initiation 155-156.Life's Great Law 233.Man, A DegemerateWoman

42. The Fourth Gospel 108.Work of the Mysteries 157.Amativeness 252.The New Age


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