Mysterious Primevil Race



'When you attain spiritual knowledge, you will know that it is your own state of mind and your thoughts on which your future happiness depends; for the inner life of man is his real life; his external acts are merely the shadows of his thoughts. External acts produce effects upon the external plane; but man's thoughts and his Will determine the condition of his inner life, and produce lasting effects upon that plane where he will exist when he re-enters the sujective state." - Frantz Hartmann, MD 1889.


Part 66 - The Mysterious Primeval Race

There was an archaic race, of great intelligence and purity, engendering themselves through intensiveness to the laws of immortality. Coming into their embodiment through mind-power, sex-generation was unknown to them. They formed a high civilization, stayed for a long time, were guardians and instructors of the next race and then translated themselves to a higher plane.

This next type, called the human race, evolved generation through sex (which constituted the Fall of Man) and within their natures retained animalistic desires, continuing until today, coming and going continuously in great swarms. Gradually ignoring admonitions of the preceding superior race, through the ages from misdeeds, they have heaped great burdens upon themselves, resulting in oppressive karmic conditions.

As races come and go according to cycles, sometimes a race has been so depleted at the end of its cycle as to leave a vacancy, causing equilibrium between the planet and its inhabitants to become out of balance, but this has not occurred during what is called the historical period. Because of a depleted condition with some of the ancient nations, many of the superior race returned to dwell among them until the hand of time pointed tothe arrival of a new cycle, when they again departed, gradually as multitudes of the lower races again began to pour into physical life.

This intermediate race of glorious ones left but few evidences of occupancy, some of which are symbols and strange hieroglyphs carved on stone, on mountain sides and deep within the ground. When looking into the heart of a mountain, as it is in many countries, a seer need not be surprised to see a great crypt, with unknown hieroglyphs carved on walls of what was once a sacred temple of worship.

In due time, some of these hidden evidences will be disclosed; more records will be found of dynasties of divine kings, who reigned over the most ancient nations, each one reigning from one to two thousand years or more. Accounts now extant are called fables by those who cannot accept them as historical facts.

From "Spiritual Light", by John M. Pryse, 1910



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