In Memorium





Brother Malcolm Shabazz X

May 19, 1925-1995


Death & Rebirth

Death comes to all; so also birth

(One door that opens in, the other out,)

For every leaf that grows&emdash;

Fluttering in the breeze, the eye rejoicing&emdash;

Must also fall and sear and turn to dust,


The guest who comes and stays a while,

Rejoicing all the household,

Goes, that on another day he may return,

Rejoicing him and them.


The ball, thrown into air

By the strong hand of the player,

Falls, to be caught and thrown again;

But should it return not, 'tis lost

And ends the player's game.


But this we know:

With return of Spring the leaves put forth anew;

The guest from whom we parted

Yesteryear in tears,

Returns amid rejoicing.


What matter, then, that having come

(Unbidden, but a welcome guest,)

In through the door of birth, I tarry for a while;

Learn well to know my home,

The lakes and parks of my abode,

The laws and rules of this new city,

And then, my welcome not outworn,

Out through the Gate of Death I go

To mine own home?


And in the Spring of that New Year

(I give my word)

I shall return again!



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