Life after Death

by Hilton Hotema


There is a wealth of literature on the subject of survival after death; and if we survive after the death of the body, we were (also) in existence before we were born in the flesh.

In that very ancient work called the Book of the Dead, said to have been written by the Egyptian Thoth, it is said that the god-man Osiris had the power to be born again and to look down on his body at death. That he could give life because he was Life; that he could make man to rise from the dead because he was the Resurrection.

On the wall of the ancient Egyptian temple of Dendera ap-peared the Zodiac Circle and a group of scenes depicting the death and resurrection of Osiris, who says: "I am the Resurrection and the Life" (Budge, vol. 2, pp. 126, 141, 312).

Modern preachers don't know that it was there where the church fathers found these statements, which they put in the mouth of their character called Jesus when they made their Bible (John 11:25).

Numerous cases have been cited of persons who have been out of their body and gazed down upon it while undergoing an operation on the verge of dying and recovered.

In Fate magazine of October, 1953, Margaret Linden gave an interesting account of passing out of her dense body and returning to it again. She was ill and rushed to a hospital for an operation. Not more than a couple hours after the operation, she said:

"I was back in bed and reviving from the effect of the anaesthetic and heard myself.

I was crying over and over, 'Don't send me back!' I can further remember trying frantically to move my inert body and being restrained by the doctor, who held my hands.

"He was speaking quietly, insistently, striving to impress on my subconscious that it must hold fast to the remembrance of why I was begging 'not to be sent back.'

"The next day when I returned to full consciousness, the doctor was there and asked me, 'Did I remember?'

"I did, and I do now.

"At some time during the operation, I&emdash;my spirit&emdash;left my body. I was flying, and I knew this was no dream. I had died. I knew it, and I welcomed it.

"It was far more wonderful than any dream. I was no longer impri-soned in my body. I was lighter than thought; I had no weight, no substance at all. I knew I was no longer a (physical) person.

"I was just an Essence, a vital spark, equipped with thoughts, feelings, and senses. The feeling above all else was that of extra-ordinary happiness.

"I could hear magnificent music, and it seems that I was the center of it.

"As I was savoring this ecstasy in its entirety, a voice in me com-manded: 'You must go back; you must go back.

"And I felt as if I were being pushed downward. I cried, I im-plored, but again came that com-mand: you must go back."

"Down I came, faster and faster, until, with a crash, I felt myself pushed into what seemed to be a box of lead, which my spirit knew was my body.

"After I told this to the doctor, he informed me that toward the end of the operation I had no pulse, no heart beat, no breath. I was appa-rently dead. He had immediately inserted his fingers through the incision in my body and was able to massage my heart, hoping to start its action.

"He succeeded&emdash;and I was alive again."


The Common Error

When the Silver Cord is loosened and the Real Man has been released from his dense body, a moment of the highest importance comes to the Ego, and it cannot be too strongly impressed upon the friends and relatives of a dying man that it is a crime against the departing Ego to give expression to loud grief and lamentation.

It is just then engaged in a process of supreme importance; and a great deal of the value of the past life depends upon how much attention the Ego can give to this matter.

It is also a crime against the dying to administer stimulants which have the effect of forcing the higher vehicles back into the dense body with a jerk, thus imparting a great shock to the dying man.

It is no torture to pass out, but it is torture to be dragged back into the dense body, to endure further suffering.

Some who have passed out have told investigators that they had, in that way, been kept dying for hours and had prayed that their relatives would cease their mistaken kindness and let them die.


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