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Stromberg asserted that "In the living world there are organizing fields composed of whirling centers of force, which determine the structure and functions of living organisms."

These fields are definite and well defined. They expand during embry-onic development, attain full size at maturity, and, at death, the Ego that inhabited the organized form, the body, contracts to a point and vanishes in the astral (invisible) world.

Stromberg demonstrated the theory of potential being to be a fact. He showed by experiments that an immaterial, invisible, pre-existing form is back of every material form, back of every cell,&emdash;a theory presented by Lakhovsky. When the cell is what we call dead, that immaterial form lives on. He wrote:

"The structure and functions of a cell, a nerve system, a brain, are not due to the collected molecules of the cells, but to an electrical field with defi-nite properties, structural & functional."

He experimentally studied the electrical field to see if there were any around a tadpole. With an exceedingly sensitive instrument he explored the electrical field in the water surrounding the tadpole. When the animal was undergoing metamorphosis, changing from tadpole to frog, the effect was startling.

He found, to his amazement, that the structure of the future animal was already in existence as an immaterial (spiritual) form before it had acquired or changed to a material substratum. The form was there before the pattern wherein the molecules had become incorporated in the material form.

Stromberg said, "The substance, which was the Soul in the solution, clicked into place, and (presto chango) an animal, came into physical being."

Carrel wrote, "An organ develops by (mysterious) means, such as those attributed to fairies in the tales told to children. . . . It cannot be explained in the light of our present concepts." (Man the Unknown, pp. 107-8).

The immaterial, spiritual structure, the Potential Being, not only comes first and exists first, but it lives on and remains after the material form has disintegrated and disappeared.

Not only in the case of man, but of every living thing. The ancient Zodiac, a map of the starry sky, is an imprint of the physical sheaths of man's body and indicates, like a clock, the plane of Will and Consciousness in which Solar (Soul) Forces works thru the body.

Man, the peak of all creation, greatest of all creators, contains within himself all the potential powers, systems, planets, and globes of the universe. The body cells are com-posed of atoms; and the atom is a tiny universe in itself.

Man's body is a mass of millions of suns, stars, planets, organized into systems of cells, molecules, atoms and electrons, all whirling in the body at terrific speed, producing great power which is the power of the body; and that power emanates from the electrical fields described by Stromberg, and these fields are emanations from the mighty Sun, the God of the Ancient Masters, who said: "For our God is a Consuming Fire" (Heb. 12:29)

Man, the Microcosm, is the image of the Macrocosm (Gen. 1:27). The Masters said, "That which is above is like that which is below."

Man embodies the Seven Planes of Being: (1) Electronic, (2) Atomic, (3) Molecular, (4) Cellular, (5) Organic, (6) Human, and (7) Divine.

All things and elements move in circles, from the invisible to the visible and back again, in the eternal process of construction and destruction, of integration and disintegration. That work is called Creation, but the more correct term is Transformation. Things are transformations not creations.

Littlefield writes: "All visible forms have their counterpart (pattern) in the invisible world." (p. 100).

He holds that the visible world is a materialization of Cosmic Thought Forms existing in the Spiritual World. Thought Forms are the origin of all living things on earth (Way of Life, p. 76).

He further says that living forms are entirely dependent upon the Life Principle, the living form being only an expression of the Life Principle, not productive of it. (p. 359).

The Masters taught that what appears as the Life Principle rises from the effect of Solar Electricity, generated by the Sun, acting on the positive and negative poses of the invisible atoms of which all living forms are constituted.

"The Sun animates all things. Ani is the Sun; Ani-ma is the Life; Ani-mare means to animate," wrote Dunlap.

The Law of Thought Forms, existing in the Invisible World, was expressed by the Masters in these words: Every plant of the field (was in the air) before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field (was in the air) before it grew. (Gen. 2:5).


The church fathers, without doubt, omitted Mankind from the Law of Potential Existence when they copied, edited and distorted the ancient literature for their Bible.


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