Thoughts of Franz Hartmann



Thoughts of Dr. Franz Hartmann, 1889.


All external conditions are the outcome of internal conditions. This is as true in regard to a people as it is true in regard to a man, a society, an animal, a plant, or a rock. We cannot change the nature of a tree by trimming its branches; we cannot change the character of an animal by depriving it of its limbs; we cannot change the character and the natural conditions of a people by forcing upon it conditions which are unnatural, because they are not the outcome of interior growth.

The Law of Karma is an universal law which acts within communities, yea, even so within solar systems, as it acts in regard to individuals. A vice forcibly repressed, unless displaced by a virtue, will accumulate strength until the pent-up force is followed by an explosion.

Man is whatever he makes himself by his thoughts. A people on the whole may be looked upon as a compound individual, made up of a great many personalities, and yet being one entity to which the same law applies. A vicious man would drop back into vice tomorrow, if his sins were forgiven today; a people that cannot bear freedom would soon return to slavery, even if they were liberated by some miracle-worker.

Individuals, as well as communities, grow spiritually in proportion as they rise up to a higher ideal. If their ideal is lowered, they sink; if it becomes exalted, they will be elevated accordingly. Slavery is an unnatural condition for men, but a natural condition for slaves; freedom is only made for the free.

What will merely external reforms amount to, as long as the heart is not reformed? Does a villain become less of a villain if we dress him in beautiful garments? What will it serve to cut the branches of evil as long as the roots and trunk remain?

Heroes are the product of the growth of ideas. Reformers come when the time for reform is ripe; if they appear and bloom pre-maturely, they will produce no fruits. (King and Malcolm) were the products of their times; they did not create reforms before the necessity for reform had created them; the characters that appear upon the stage of life are the products of previously existing ideas; external life is merely a shadow picture, representing upon the wall of matter the picture contained with the magic lantern of the mind.

Ideas are everything; personalities, if compared with ideas are nothing. Persons are only useful if they are instruments for the execution of ideas; a person who is not a vehicle for an idea is merely a corpse.

These thoughts are taken from the book, THE LIFE OF JEHOSHUA, by Franz Hartmann,MD. published by the Occult Publishing Co., Boston 1889,

Chapter entitled "Jerusalem" p. 137 ffl.



Thoughts of Franz Hartmann, MD. 1891


In regard to the marriage obligations, Paracelsus says: "If a woman leaves her husband, she is then not free from him nor he from her; for a marriage union having once been formed, it remains a union forever."

This means that by entering willfully into sexual relations with another being, we become attached to it in our will, and a partaker of its future Karma.

A woman to whom a man is bound by promise and sexual intercourse, becomes, as it were, a part of the man, and cannot be divorced from him by any ceremony or external separation. They constitute, so to say one mind, and the component part of the mind, which represent the carnal man, are not separated until the time of the second death.

Sexual intercourse, without love, is merely a kind of masturbation, with a physical body substituted for the merely mental image; but, if sanctioned by Love, it is then a union, not merely of body, but also of soul; not of the Spiritual Soul, which needs no such union, it being already one with all other such souls in the substance of the Eternal SUN, but a union of that which constitutes the lower Mind of man.*

*(It is not the flesh and bones of a man which form attachments and make and break promises; but the internal, carnally minded man; and that man will be bound by his attachments and promises long after the house in which he has lived (his body) will have ceased to exist.. In regard to this subject, Paracelsus regards it as dangerous to give further details.)

Man has two spirits, a Divine and an animal spirit. The former is from the breath of God; the latter from the elements of the air and the fire. He ought to live according to the life of the Divine Spirit and not according to that of the animal.

But the Divine, immortal and invisble man cannot be a subject for the investigation of any science, such as deals merely with external and visible things. He can be known to no one except to his own Self; for the low cannot comprehend the high, and the finite mind cannot comprehend the Infinite.

The study of the Divine Man is the object of self-knowledge. Physical science deals with the physical and metaphysical science with the Astral Man; but these sciences are misleading and incomplete, if we lose out of our sight the existence of the Divine and Eternal Man.

Neither the external nor the astral man is the Real Man, but the Real Man is the soul in connection with the Divine Spirit.


These thoughts are taken from the book, THE LIFE & DOCTRINES OF PARACELSUS, by Franz Hartmann, MD. published by John W. Lovell Co, 1891. Chapter IV, Anthropology, p. 102 ffl.




Thoughts of Dr. Franz Hartmann, 1889.


Life is a school through which every one must pass for the purpose of acquiring experience, strength of character, and self-knowledge. To rob a person of this opportunity is a great crime if it is done knowingly.

A lock of hair, a piece of clothing, the handwriting of a person or any article he or she may have touched, handled, or worn can indicate to an intuitive mind that person's state of health, his or her physical, emotional, intellectual, and moral attributes and qualifications.

This tendency of the Astral Light to inhere in material bodies gives amulets their power and invests keepsakes, and relics with certain occult properties. A Ring, a lock of hair, or a letter from a friend, cannot only conjure up that friend's picture in a person's memory, but bring him or her en rapport with the peculiar mental state of which that person was or is a representation.

If you wish to forget a person, or free yourself from his or her magnetic attraction, part from everything that reminds you of him or her, or select only such articles as call up disagreeable memories and are therefore repulsive. Articles belonging to a person bring us in sympathy with that person, and this circumstance is sometimes used for purposes of "White" or "Black" Magic.

As every form is the representation of a certain mental state, every object has such attributes as always belong to that state, and therefore every substance has its sympathies and its antipathies. These phenomena are all nothing else but the various manifestations of the One Life, in which the principle of Love is active and seeks to unite whatever is harmonious.


These thoughts are taken from the book, Magic, Black & White, by Franz Hartmann, MD. published by Kegan Paul, London, 1889, from the chapter entitled "Transformations" p. 115. Available from :



Thoughts of Dr. Franz Hartmann, 1889.


Hermes Trismegistus says of that being called "Man":

"His father is the Sun (Divine Wisdom), his mother the Stars, (the Astral Light) and his body, the generations of men."

The whole of a man (or a woman) is not enclosed within the small circle that circumscribes his terrestrial life. He who has found the "Father" within himself knows the true insignificance of his own personal self. The life of the personality is made up of a compara- tively small number of years passed among the illusions of the terrestrial plane; the experience of the Inner man is made up of the essence of a great many of such lives; he has retained of them only that which is useful and grand, while the worthless materials have been rejected, but the life of the Divine man is eternal , universal, self-existent, and infinite.

He who has once realized the presence of his God laughs at the idea of having ever imagined himself to be something more than a bundle of semi-conscious elements from which the Inner Self draws nutriment, if it finds anything therein compatible with its own nature. What is all the power and glory of earthly kings compared with the Divine Man, the King in the realm of the Soul?

What is all the science of this Earth but nonsense, if compared with the self-knowledge of the regenerated? Well may he who has welcomed the Lord in his soul be willing to renounce money, power, and fame, terrestrial loves and all the illusions of life, it it can be called "renunciation" to refuse to touch things upon which one looks with indifference.

How can he, who has never seen the image of the true Saviour in his heart love him, and how can he who has once beheld his own real ideal Self, cease to love and adore it with his whole mind and with all the faculties of the Soul? But such things will not be understood by those who cannot yet rise above limitation; let those who know them rejoice and worship in silence.


These thoughts are taken from the book, Magic, White and Black, by Franz Hartmann, MD. published by Kegan Paul, London, 1889, from the Chapter entitled "Light" p. 142.


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