The Children's Health Food Book



"We change the course of our life with Mental Power. As a Person Thinketh, so they are. When we lift up the Mind, we lift up the Person. Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. For Heaven is not a place in outer space, but a State of Mind." - Romans 12:2 and 14:17.


The Children's Health Food Book

by Ron Seaborn


Once upon a time we didn't know the dangers associated with meat, dairy, processed starch and sugar products. It now appears that the media has finally started to inform us of the link between disease, diet and consciousness.

Read and learn how good food makes our bodies strong and healthy and how bad food makes our bodies weak and sick.

Dear Parents,

We are born into a world that has changed the concept of eating. Today we eat for "taste" not for "health". Therefore we are dying earlier and cutting our lives short because we eat the wrong food. Whether or not we choose to change our eating habits at this time, is not the purpose of this book. THE CHILDREN'S HEALTH FOOD BOOK is designed to save the children by providing them with knowledge that we didn't have.



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