The Tree of Life Bookstore of Harlem, founded in 1969 by Kanya Vashon McGhee, successfully demonstrated solutions to the inner city challenges of school dropouts, drug abuse, crime, violence, racial conflict and real inmate rehabilitation. Caught in the middle of Harlem politics, The Tree of Life Building was torn down in 1980 and this great work was interrupted.

Begun with just 2 students and $75 in capital, within the first 10 years, The Tree of Life was attracting more than 15,000 patrons per month from all over the world!

The Tree is now seeking a partner to continue this work on a nationwide basis. If you are that prospective partner, or know someone that might be, please contact us NOW.


References and further details supplied upon request.


Peace & Love . . . Towards Aquarius!



The Tree of Life Bookstore of Harlem

1701 M.L. King Drive SW

Atlanta, GA 30314-2227



For additional information, please call/fax: 404-753-5700(EST)

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