The Allegory of Easter, Christmas & "The Son"


From earliest times mankind has depended upon our great central Orb, the SUN, center of our planetary system to create and regulate all life on our particular place of residence, the Earth. To those who cared to do their own thinking and analysing, the Sun governed with unfailing accuracy the length of the days and seasons in every clime. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter followed each other with such regular punctuality that man attributed divine power to the Sun which never ceased bestowing food and warmth through the productivity of the Earth.


To the thinker, the Sun rescued man from the severities of the Winter months and therefore was considered a Savior; and as life was re-activated in the Spring, the Sun assumed the role of a Creator; and then as the Great Preserver in the Summer and Autumn months as food and comfort were supplied to fortify and provide for man's future.


Through the ages, and among most peoples, as mankind came to realize its complete dependency upon the Sun, this magnificent "Orb of Day" became the Great Benefactor or "the son" of God and the center of Worship, by priestly direction.


The part played by the Sun is most strikingly to be observed in the Christian Religion. For demonstration's sake, let us assume that the story of Christ, as expressed in the modern text, is a parable for the Sun's activities. The birth takes place on the 25th of December. The Sun in its annual circle through the signs of the Zodiac, or the months of the year, shines upon the Earth in regular orderly manner between the Tropic of Cancer on the North and the Tropic of Capricorn on the South. December 21st of each year the Sun reaches its lowest point of declination at the Tropic of Capricorn.


It then remains, seemingly motionless (Sol, the Sun, "stands still" Sol-stice) the 22nd, 23rd and 24th, and then on the 25th of December (Christmas) it has noticeably started its return North toward the Equator and therefore is "born again". (Perhaps this metaphor will be more easily grasped when the phenomenon of the New Year replacing the Old year is represented by the tableau on the stage by a young child's entering as an old man exits on the opposite side).


In Christianity, Jesus (I-ES+us, the one ES-sence or the Sun), born again every December 25th, is portrayed as a babe because at that time of the year its power is weak. Beginning December 25th, the Sun's northbound progress is depicted in the increase of daylight; that is longer and longer days until on the 21st of March, the Vernal Equinox, when the Sun has reached the Equator, the length of the days and the nights is equal. On the 25th of March the Sun has progressed Northward into the Northern Hemisphere and has therefore impregnated that section of our globe with the fertile seed; and plant life activity becomes more visible everywhere, in our part of the world.


This natural annual occurence on March 25th checks accurately with the religious story because exactly nine months later, December 25th the son (Sun) is born. Astronomers tell us that one minute after midnight on December 24th the constellation Virgo rises above the horizon with its bright star, Vindimiatrix (located in the figure's elbow), of major propensity and clearly to be seen, gives evidence of the birth's being virgin.


Referring again to March 25th the days begin to be longer than the nights thus signalling the triumph of "Light" over "Darkness". This physical astronomical phenomenon is celebrated in the Christian churches by the designation of a particular Sunday called Easter.


In symbology, the Moon is considered the wife of the Sun and therefore Easter, at present, is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the 25th of March, (the Spring Equinox) that is, after the Sun crosses the Equator. (Nine months later in the religious story, the "Holy Mother" has the child).


The Summer Solstice, when the Sun has reached the Tropic of Cancer in its northern trek, takes place the 21st through the 24th of June, and on June 25th the days begin to grow shorter as the Sun's path (the Ecliptic) descends Southward to the Equator which it crosses the 25th of September.


In the religious story this is called the second crucifixion at Golgatha where the god is crucified between two thieves and mention is made of the presence of a hand maiden. (Virgo, the Virgin). After this the Sun's journey continues Southward to the Tropic of Capricorn which it reaches on December 21st and the annual phenomenon is repeated. (The ever repeating "Crucifixion of the Lord, the SUN)!


Just as children would continue to believe in the myth of Santa Claus, so would, and so do human grown-ups believe in the priestly concocted religious stories until they, the humans, turn their searchlights of thinking and reasoning upon what they have been "fed" since birth and compare them rationally and reasonably to the phenomena of Nature occuring continually before their eyes.


"Ye Shall Know The Truth: And THE TRUTH SHALL SET THEE FREE!"


Just as the 20th Century was accurately designated by W. E. B. DuBois as "The Century of the Color Line" or Racism, so do we see the 21st Century as "The Century of 'The Truth' about the World's Religions". But it will not take a full century with today's technology to fully disclose the truth which will in turn bring about the Earth truly turning into "A Garden of Eden" with Mankind clearly recognizing the same Central Energy pulsating through all that lives! (And everything is alive!)

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